Friday, June 19, 2009

Surgery Day II

sometime after Mommy left: they took my blood, and then I went sleep

around 16:00: Woke up, still alone. I can only stand with three legs. What happened to my fourth leg? What happened to my boy-parts?

17:00: I heard Mommy's voice, but maybe it's illusion. And then, I saw mommy passed in front of me, illusion again?

17:03: yes, it's Mommy. I cried out loud "Mommy, get me outta here", but Mommy left.

17:04: I heard Daddy and Mommy talking outside. I cried out louder, louder, louder; took a breath; even louder. Yes, they heard me!

17:15: After some time, another stranger opened the gate, carried me out. I couldn't resist, "where's he sending me?"

17:16: I saw Daddy and Mommy. Yeah! I missed them so much!

17:20: Finally, we were leaving that place. Daddy was holding me in an awkward position, well, that didn't really matter. I was with my dearest parents.

17:20-18:00: Mommy drove us back. Me and Daddy stayed in the back, but I wanted to go to the front. Mommy drove a little too fast.

18:00: We were home! Dante, my annoying BFF didn't come over to compete for attention, that was very nice of him.

18:05: No position was comfortable. I had some water, some home-made chicken. yes, home sweet home, I was hungry, thirsty and exhausted. Mommy then wiped me.

18:10-18:45: Hung out in the kitchen, and I fell asleep on Mommy's lap.

After that, I tried to be comfortable. The pain is hurting me a lot, but I am brave.

Good night! See ya all tomorrow. I know it's going to be a tough night.

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  1. WAIT - they took away the bad part of your bone AND the boy-parts???